Bridgnorth Lions Club

Since Bridgnorth Lions Club was founded in 1976 it has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to support local, national and international causes. Members enjoy involvement in a wide variety of community events and activities benefitting local residents of all ages. The largest projects involve responsibility for running the famous Bridgnorth Walk and Marathon and the annual Prostate Cancer screening event.

We also run a programme called “Message in a bottle” to help people record their health info when visited by professionals in an emergency. Additionally, we collect and recycle used spectacles for distribution in Africa. Other international causes supported include help for those affected by major natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and famine.

Among many local good causes we have supported financially are Oak Farm working farm for adults with learning disabilities and recognition and rewards for young people active in the community.

Finally, the club provides help to some specific causes which, necessarily, are kept confidential.